Monday, April 20, 2009

POTC Agility Trial

Bill, the whole pack and I headed to Zanesville, OH for the weekend.

I can say I was very consistent this weekend....consistently screwing up!

Here's the run down;
Abby- I still truly don't know what to make of her. She ran 4 times, two were very nice runs, with just one little thing preventing us from Qing (the table and a knocked bar on the triple), but she was happy, focused and had nice speed through the whole run. The other runs were total train wrecks, I took her off course while I was still smiling and laughing at her in one, and the other I tried to muddle though, as she ran around half the jumps and generally just wasn't connected at all. I just can't seem to reach a point where I understand running her.

Kittie- She managed to either NQ from something silly, like running around the far side of the tire???? or she dropped bars. she was pretty slow too.....there were several hold ups before her last run of the weekend, and you just can't do that to Kittie, she just wilts away the longer she has to wait, she comes out of her crate roaring to go, but give her a minute and she'll fall apart. She's such a bizarre, stressy little dog. Our next trial is in May, 3 days outside, she should be happier.

This was Indy's first time really traveling and staying in a hotel and she did great, slept the whole night in her crate without making a peep.

I discovered something this weekend, people who have never spoken to me in the 5 or so years that I've been trialing, all of a sudden talk to me.....ever since the addition of Indy! I thought maybe it was because she's a puppy, and puppies are irresistible, but no, Abby was at trials as a puppy. I don't know if this is a matter of certain people treating you different when you run a non traditional breed, but it sure feels like it.

I'm not complaining, it's great for Indy. She's met so many people and has been introduced to so many nice dogs, and because of this, trials are like a trip to Disney for her....but it would have been nice for Abby when she was a little thing too.

I've recieved a lot of nice compliments about Indy, she's so high energy and spunky. She's such a ham, it's hard to not notice her!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Poor Indy

Indy was attacked by an off leash dog today. I'm just so upset......We live near a very nice park, I walked the girls over there today, and as soon as I got to the bottom of the steps that lead to the park I saw this big black dog, that I just didn't like the looks of, it was off leash, just too wild and out of control and the owner was yelling at it, so we all hung way back, waiting for them to pass.

This dog came charging at us and threw itself on top of Indy. She started screaming immediately, then I started screaming and kicking the dog, and grabbed it by the back of it's neck. Rudy, Kittie and Abby were standing behind me at this point (thank god) I scooped Indy up, and then started freaking out at the owner who had the dog by collar at that point.....this idiot was trying to claim that her dog was "trying to play", I lost it, there's just no excuse for that! She never even asked if Indy was okay!! As she started walking off she let the dog go and it came back and tried to go for Abby....Abby told the dog off and it left.

I didn't see any cuts on Indy anywhere, and wanted to just get away and play with her, feed her some treats etc....just distract her from what had just happened.....she wouldn't/couldn't even walk, wouldn't take food, was soaked in pee and poop and her gums were pure white. We ran home, and I got her to the vet, luckily she's just very sore, has some inflammation in her neck and chest. The vet said she went in shock from fear....poor thing thought that she was done for.

She's still not herself, she's shaking in her sleep and whimpering when you pick her up, the vet said she could be a little more sore tomorrow. I've put so much work into socializing her, getting her around lots of nice dogs of all sizes...she's been such a confident, fearless, friendly little thing, she's only 5 pounds! I just hope she bounces back from this....Why are people so stupid. This is a very crowded park, I don't let my own dogs off leash in this section of the park and they're so well trained to be off lead it's ridiculous.

It's so hard trying to socialize tiny dogs, you don't get them out and about and the end up yappy little things, you bring them out into the world and idiots like this can destroy them...literally, she could have been killed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

non-existent table criteria?

Could it really be possible that Abby really does not know or is unable to stay on the table when she's approaching it with some speed?

I finally have a real agility table in the backyard, reg. 8" height. I did some playing around yestersday with Abby, I wanted to build up a bit of speed, so I would send her to a tunnel, a jump or whatever and race her to the table, with just slight deceleration, and an opposite arm to cue her to collect. If she slid off, I did nothing, no praise, no correction, just nothing, if she stayed on (in any postion) I'd give her a huge jackpot, treat after treat after treat and just gush over her like she did the best thing ever. After several attempts at this, I'm coming to the conclusion that she really has no idea how to do this. Sure she had some good ones, but I didn't see any improvement.....there's always work to be done!

Monday, April 6, 2009

An Easter Story

A local shelter was having pet photos with the Easter Bunny yesterday. This isn't your ordinary shelter, it's one of those new shelters that's nicer than most people's homes, with a pet boutique, classes to teach you how to massage your cat, there's walkking trails and fenced in play areas too. I took Indy figuring it would be good for socialization. I walked in to see dogs everywhere!! It was crazy, little dogs, big dogs even a cat or two! We were # 76, they were on # 52, I thought it would go pretty quick, but an hour came and went. I wouldn't have stayed that long just for Indy's moment with the bunny himself, but she was having a ball, the little social butterfly that she is! She loves all dogs! Not much scares her.

It finally was our time, we went in to see the bunny....and Indy was terrified of him!! I don't think it helped when he took the bunny head off! The whole day was like a scene from A Christmas Story, except Easter.

So, I learned Indy's doing really well with her socialization....but I really need to get her around more giant man sized rabbits, : )

The photos will be sent to us, I don't have high hopes for them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jay Sisler Home Movies Part 1

Need some ideas for new behaviors to train? These videos are loaded with all sorts of stuff....apparently Jay sisler used pancakes to reward his dogs, you got to love that!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

That's the girl I know

Took the pups to see Maria, for their monthly massage appointment yesterday........First Rudy announced her arrival by screaming in the car, then I had to fight with Rudy to let Maria touch her, it took her probably half her 30 minute appt. to finally give in and just relax, then she started with Jamie's dogs, then she wanted to wrestle with Indy while Kittie was trying to just relax.......yep, that's my girl. Her motto "tooth and nail, fight all the way".
She's such a loveable jerk!