Thursday, April 10, 2008

But I don't get sick

You guessed it, I was sick. Late last week I was so tired at the end of the day and just did not have the patience to deal with dogs....that's really unlike me. Then by Saturday afternoon I was feeling awful, chills, sweating, scratchy throat. Yuck! I had to skip a usdaa trial on Sunday that I was really looking forward to. Since we never do usdaa the pugs are still mostly in starters. It's so fun to run them on the baby courses, especially Abby, since she really is still a baby. I also play and experiment more with Kittie in other venues. I'll try to see just how hard I can push and keep the bars up. Had to miss a private lesson with Donna that I was really looking forward to as well.

By Tuesday I was starting to feel better and against all common sense I went to class. This was the first week of outside classes. It was so nice to really have room to RUN! The girls did great. Abby was suprisingly composed. She was fast, but really acurate! Kittie was way out of control on her first run! Barking her head off so much that she came out of the poles, ran behind me (this is a major no no) and took an off course jump. She's been doing this at home and in classes here and there lately, I don't know if should be concerned or not. She can be such a softie, that I mostly just love to see her so wild. She settled down after that first run and really well.

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