Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm sitting here this morning, just staring at entry forms, with "preferred" on them. It is so hard to wrap my head around jumping Kittie at 4"

What if she doesn't even see the jumps, and just runs full speed ahead into them....seriously, if you know Kittie, you know that could happen!

I may put Abby in Nov. P as well, and just work her back up to excellent too. I'm curious how she'll do at 8", unlike Kittie, she's just past the height cut-off, so it's a big jump for a stocky little pug.


Margie said...

I've given some thoughts also to having Clancy do his novice 8" preferred. I know a lot of pug people that have done it. I'm thinking that like Abby, Aoife is going to be a hair over 11" also. bummer.

westoverpugs said...

How is Aoife doing?

you know, jumping Abby at 8" doesn't bother me half as much as jumping Kittie at 4". Since Abby's just over the height cut off, and 8" is still a jump....4" though, that just seems silly.

I'm hoping she'll be a bit speedier at 4" at least (and keep the bars up), and I can really focus on handling.

Margie said...

Aoife is a rock star - thanks for asking. I haven't wanted to train a bit of speed out of her so it's been a slow process. She is so different from Clancy (and Molly) and just attacks courses. She is finally learning her job and we've started on her weave work. I'm hoping that she will be ready for trials in November. At least that is the goal for now. I told myself I would not start her until she could do excellent level courses and except for weaves, she is almost there.

westoverpugs said...

That's awesome!!

I watched your recent videos, and your handling has improved so much, very smooth and clear!