Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hip Dysplasia

There has been a lot of interesting information about hip dysplasia coming out recently. This blog has a nice summary, and I love the fact that she stresses the importance of keeping dogs in proper condition.

CHF notes on hip dysplasia – “Current Concepts Regarding Canine Hip Dysplasia” by Peter Vogel

I would love to see more information on luxating patellas, like HD it is also a polygenic trait, but it almost always seems to cause pain and effects the dog's quality of life.


The Pug Boys said...

I keep my boys on the thin side too. They are definitely fit. Sidney is so well muscled from his walks and being fed the appropriate amount of raw food. He's still intact so maybe the testosterone has something to do with it too. The breed people put so much weight on their pugs.

westoverpugs said...

Yes, it's terrible what's done in the breed ring in my opinion. I will never show another pug in breed because of it. Kittie weighs about 11-12 pounds now, and she's perfect at that weight. When being shown she was 16, and the judges and other exhibitors continually told me she needed *more* weight. What people see on tv in dogs shows influences their idea on what a pug, or a lab etc etc should look like, and heavy becomes normal.

The amount of muscling Sidney has may be genes too, Abby's never been overly muscled, but Kittie is solid! I compare her to an olympic gymnast, she's so compact and solid.