Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tiny bubbles

It's been way too long since I've posted anything at all. Lots going on to keep me busy.

Here's the readers digest version:

Kittie can drop almost as many 4" jumps as 8"....amazing huh? What do you do with the dog that loves agility more than anything, but just can't do it?? She's in semi-retirement mode at this point. We'll see, she runs better on turf and we have two weekends coming up running on turf. She has fun!

Abby's been good, not too many trials but showing some maturity lately....she even stayed on the table, what a girl!

Indy's 1 yr. old now, I can't even believe it. She's doing great with agility, is a great weaver, dogwalk is at full height, I ended up teaching her both a running and a stopped contact. We're focusing mostly on running, but the stop is a good back up plan, just in case or to use on certain courses. Her A frame is almost there, at this point she looks like she's in a big air competition flying up over the apex.

Rudy's healthy and as wild as ever, and Willy's doing great too.

Here's a quick video of Indy taken back in the summer.


Jamie said...

Hi. I am glad to hear everyone is well! Did you attend the PDCA Nationals this year? If so, how was it?

westoverpugs said...

Hi Jamie,

No, I didn't go this year. I will be next year, that could be the last one I make it to.......

Jamie said...

Are you going to focus on Indie and retire the pugs? I haven't been doing anything with the training, no classes....just our daily walks and hiking when we can. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.....

westoverpugs said...

I honestly don't know what I'm doing, Kittie just loves to run so much, and she went 3 out of 4 last weekend running on turf, so she's not ready for retirement just yet. Abby, it all depends on her....She gets very over-stimulated at trials, so I'm spending a lot of time working through that.....agility itself is the easy part if I can keep her at the right arousal level.

I doubt I'll travel much distance for pug nationals in the future, it's just not worth it for only one day of agility.

Glad to see you around!!

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!