Friday, June 18, 2010

11 years old

Happy 11th Birthday Rudy!! The pug who started it all!! without Rudy I may have never got so involved with dogs. I was still in school when we made the plunge and got a pug puppy....out of the newspaper. She was everything a pug, was not supposed to be. Smart, insanely active and drivey. I've yet to have a dog who plays tug with such intensity. We walked her everywhere, just trying to tire her out enough to get some peace, took her to classes. She is pug-like in some ways, she's had virtually every health problem that's common to the breed....bad eyes, knees, back problems and a lot of allergies.

She's taught me a lot. Pugs can do all sorts of things, the value of a good breeder and how important good nutrition and conditioning is for all dogs.

She's still going strong, no one guesses her to be 11yrs, or even the oldest of our dogs.


The Pug Boys said...

Happy Birthday Rudy!

You look great. I think its because your momma takes such good care of you. Raw food, long hikes, living in a pack of pugs & a pap, and great lovin from mom...

Annie said...

Rudy, you started it all for us, too! You were the very first pug we met - will always remember that summer day in Squirrel Hill. We officially became pugged that day!! Happy Birthday!