Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OA Indy

Indy had a VERY good weekend! Earning all 3 legs for her open standard title and 1 open jumpers leg (she was only entered in Jumpers twice) I made a mistake, and missed a jump....Indy was perfect.

She was much happier at the trial. Indy's a party girl, and likes to be able to hang out, meet and greet, play with new friends and spend as much time as possible scuba diving in the near by stream. She even was caught actually *sleeping* in her crate. Spending too much time crated at shows just seems to shut her down, she has no shortage of energy so I guess there's no harm in her staying out more.

Kittie ran this weekend too, just in standard. Had an off course in one run and a dropped bar in another. Oh well. As someone (rudely) pointed out she is getting old. She's only 8 1/2. She's slowing down on walks these days, the heat seems to be getting to her more easily. I just don't know what to do, not ready for Miss Kittie to start aging.

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The Pug Boys said...

Way to go Indy! Wish I could have seen your runs.