Thursday, September 16, 2010

that C word

I found a bump on Willy's front leg, so we went to the vet to have it checked out yesterday and the vet feels it's in her words "highly, highly suspicious of mct" so he's scheduled to have it removed next week. Last night I found two more bumps on him, on his rear leg.

Obviously i'm worried and's so weird when you think of the possibility of something like this in a dog who seems so healthy, so completely "normal". I refuse to obsess over this, I refuse to allow it to alter the way I think of Willy, and the way I interact with him. I've always said I would never put a dog through chemo. Only time will tell about that, but if this does turn out to be cancer, I refuse to put him through any pain just to stretch his life a few years. I want my dogs with me as long as possible, but most importantly I want them to have a good life. Willy gets very stressed out at the vets. He's one of those dogs who cries and carries on over everything. He's always been like this, even his breeder warned me that he was a "crier and screamer" at 8 weeks.

Willy's always been different that the girls, he loves to just hang out in the yard and forage for berries, dirt and anything else that could be considered food. He's a big worrier around big dogs, but he loves his girls. He's a total "fair weather" dog, he doesn't like to go for walks when it's wet, too hot or too cold, but is just thrilled about being out when it's nice out. He's my little marshmallow dog.


The Pug Boys said...

I completely understand what you are saying about not stretching his life out with chemo. Chemo can really take its toll on a dog. My Bailey really stressed out going to the vet for his liver shunt. When Jasper had his dental, I had two growths removed since he was under anethesia. It was sent off to the lab and it was not cancer. I'll be praying that Willy's growths will not be cancer.

westoverpugs said...

Thanks for your thoughts for Willy. Kittie had a growth removed almost exactly 2 yrs ago, turned out to be nothing and I'm hoping it's the same for Willy.

He's getting a dental too, I've had been putting it off because I hate putting them under.