Friday, March 25, 2011

It's so easy with a little dog

This is a pet peeve of mine, that somehow agility is "easy" with a small dog. This is the same attitude as it's easy with a border collie, everyone has it easier than these people. These comments usually come from someone with a slow big dog. Agility is different with a small dog, on a course the options can be different. Small dogs will put in many more strides, so it's possible to change their line in less yardage than a big dog, but it's a lot easier to pull them off the correct obstacle too.

This started after hearing how many points Indy got on a single if all small dogs bring in those points. I know lots of nice running small dogs that need points to finish MAChs.

It takes the right dog and handler combination and the right kind of training to bring out the best in any dog of any height, to act as though it's just handed to you because your dog happens to be small is insulting to everyone who puts in the work with the tiniest of dogs!

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