Thursday, November 3, 2011

mysterious Indy

So, Indy has been a bit of a mystery. For pretty much her whole agility career she's bounced between beautiful, fast, independent weaves and no weaves at all. It just sort of cycles, lasting for weeks at a time. The last two trials were we at, no weaves. she gets the entry and at least the first six and then comes out somewhere, typically it happens when she's on my left and she always comes out on the far side of the weaves (away from me).

Massage therapist has scared me death, says she's a mess. Thinks it's related to a minor soft tissue issue. She's very tight in her right hip, which is causing almost her whole body to be a tight mess and she's thinks Indy's mental over the whole thing and worries about it possibly hurting, even when it's not.

Chiropractor found an issue with her lumbar adjusted it easily, doesn't thinks it's going to be an issue. He also thinks that's why she slips so badly when running on matting. I like his diagnosis better!

Bottom line something has been going on, Indy's a good girl, she knows how to weaves, I think she likes to weave, so there has to be a reason for this to keep popping up every so often.


The Pug Boys said...

Do you have any good physical therapist for dog's in your area?

I'm going to AKC nationals to watch. Hope to see you there.

westoverpugs said...

Replying a little late, but what nationals are you planning to go to? where?