Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a typical day

This is what the pug pack does just about every single day. Go to Frick park, to run, bark and act crazy. They also like to balance themselves on anything they can find.
Abby likes to take balancing on stuff to a new level. Abby's an over-achiever, with little sense of fear.

See that little speck? that's Kittie charging down the hillside. She went up their to chase some chirpy birds away. Kittie *hates* birds, almost as much as she hates airplanes.

We usually stick to the trials, since it's not legal to run off leash in the park except in the boring and dangerous for little dogs OLEA (off leash exercise area), but it was way too nice out to stick to the trials. The sun was actually out for two days, in a row, that's a weather event in Pittsburgh!


Margie said...

yeah the Westover pack as a blog! I'm looking forward to reading all about you guys. :-)

westoverpugs said...

Thanks Margie, it's all about them you know! : )