Sunday, March 30, 2008

On a Roll

Well, the noise and commotion of the convention center didn't seem to phase Kitie too much. She Q'd in 3 out of 4 runs again this weekend! Bringing the double Q count to 10! She *never* runs as fast on mats as outside, but she still managed to place in every run. Go Kittie!

No Qs for Abby, but we ended the weekend on a really good note.....she would have qualified in JWW and earned her AXJ title, if *I* hadn't got confused and forgot to front cross after a tunnel. I'm proud of my little wild child, she did really well. Stangely this course was by far the toughest course of the weekend. I have to remember she's still very green, and I need to keep a connection with her, the whole time on the course. I can't just go out and run and expect her to just do her job, I have to make a point of checking in with her with eye contact through out each run.


Margie said...


I had a great weekend with Clancy - First Place Novice Standard and his title! I was a bad handler though for both his open jumpers run and made him drop a bar on Saturday and made him back jump on Sunday - he was rocking and both would have been first place finishes and his title. They were both pretty tough courses and like Abby, I'm still pretty green. :-)

westoverpugs said...

Way to Go!!