Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now on to agility

Kittie did great, qualified in standard every day, but had one stinkin bar down in every jumpers run. She's having fun, even if I'm getting really frustrated with all the bar knocking.

Abby has been really suprising me lately. She was pretty close to perfect this weekend, just one bar down in jumpers, but perfect in every other run!!! She's focused and happy out there. These were tough courses too! I'm thrilled with her contacts too.

These two are so different, Kittie's a total nutjob outside the ring. Barking, carrying on, but will start to just whilt away if she's ringside too long. Abby looks half asleep! Calm and quiet as can be, doesn't mind hanging out ringside, then as soon as you walk in the ring she perks up! Wonder if she'll change over time. It would be nice if she remained flexible, it's very difficult to time things out perfectly for Kittie and things happen that are out of my control.

I will say this was one of the worst organized trials I've ever been to though, dogs were *in the ring* waiting to go and they were still trying to find assisstant scribes, no one could move a dog without directly speaking to the judge, which resulted in lots of last minute changes, even your leash was put in a strange place at the finish. We didn't get done until 6:00, so there wasn't much time for sight seeing, hiking or much of anything...oh well.

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Margie said...

those are fantasic looking runs!