Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love my car

I don't want to sound like some cheesy commercial, but I really, really love my car.

I have two Subaru Foresters, one has seen better days. It's been my dog-mobile for work ever since I bought it several years back. It's now 12 yrs old, with around 160, 000 miles on it. It's beat up and pretty stinky from hauling dogs all over town, but it keeps going. I have a newer one, that looks better and smells a whole lot better.

We're still dealing with the snow from last weekend (officially 21") and it's coming down again. Pittsburgh public works has been particularly terrible dealing with this storm. Our streets (just outside of the official city limits) are cleared & salted, really better than I would expect them to be, you drive into the city and it's like a bizarre end of the world movie, the national guard is driving around, the majority of streets haven't been touched, streets are blocked by abandoned vehicles, every corner you turn, someone's car is stuck. People are commuting by cross country skis!

Luckily, I've had a fairly light work week. Anyone with sense has cancelled, but there's always a few who still have to work, and just can't bear their dogs being alone even one day, so out I go (I don't have much sense). It takes forever to get anywhere, you have to drive blocks in the wrong direction sometimes just to get around all the cars stuck in the snow, but I'm getting there!! My car is just amazing, it's like having my own personal snow cat!

Was planning to get a newer car soon and was thinking of a Honda Odyssey this time, but I'm not so sure if this is what our winters may be like.

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The Pug Boys said...

If you get snow, stick with the Subrau Forester. My boyfriend who owned his own body shop swears by them. You won't get stuck in the snow.