Monday, February 22, 2010

More training

Yesterday the girls and I went to splash and dash agility to work with Donna. Everyone had so much fun, and did pretty well, other than the usual issues...Kittie dropping bars and Abby's inability to complete a set of weave poles (unless I'm behind her).

Indy's really getting into the game lately. Poor girl could barely stay on her feet on the slick floor, but stayed in the weave poles, good job Indy!! She also did her first full height A frames.

I'm having trouble imbedding the video in this post, but here's a link.


Margie said...

Nice! Is Indy going to be an 8 inch dog? Are you making any plans for agility this year? I was thinking of making the road trip to Ohio in May again this year.

westoverpugs said...

Indy's 15 months now and only about 10" tall, so I think she will end up an 8" for AKC, iIve played around jumping her at 12" too and she has no problems with either height.

I think I will go to pug nationals this year, it may be the last time I go (at least for quite a while). that would be great if you came! Let me know if you need a room mate!

The Pug Boys said...

I enjoyed your training video. In spite of the snow, it looks like your getting some training done this winter. One day I may just have to get a pap too.

If you go to Nationals this year, they are planning a Hip Hop Dance on Wednesday night. I won't be going to Nationals. I'm waiting for Sidney to be ready to show before I go again.

westoverpugs said...

awww, if you come to nationals you'll get to meet Indy : )

I was hoping to meet Sidney. This could be the last pug nationals I attend. Maybe if it's PA again.....