Sunday, March 14, 2010

agility Limbo

We're in agility limbo mode around here. I have one dog who's inching closer to the end of her agility career, another who seems to be really coming together and showing maturity and yet another who is at that age where you think they're for the real thing, their very first trial, but at the same time, there's still so much to learn.

Kittie loves agility, nothing in life comes close to her love of doing agility, a distant second is walking almost anywhere with me. She's a weee bit of train wreck lately....she's always been a bit of a mess. I didn't know any better, so a lot of skills are pretty poorly trained, but she's really falling apart lately, she's arguing (barking) a lot lately on course. It's not from a lack of direction from me, it's things like running past the last weave poles and telling me off. Crashing even more jumps, bailing pretty much all the contacts. She's not slowing down one bit, I can say that! she's not ready for retirement just yet, but we're at the point where I can see it somewhere in the distance. she's only 8, I know that's not young, but to seems too young for this.

Abby just keeps getting better and better in training. We've been working a lot with a toy for her, she tends to get way over the top to the point that she can't think and starts to stress at trials, but she doesn't seem to notice much if she's tugging on her special toy. I'm hoping this will help her cope with the whole trial commotion. She really does have a lot of potential and does love to play.

And then there's little Indy, she's at the point now where she loves the game, has a nice understanding of handling and obstacle skills (much better than the pugs), but she's still such a baby dog. I want to do things right with her, keep things fun. Her time is coming!!

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