Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things are starting to get really fun!!

After several months of training in small buildings on slippery floors with no traction, classes started back up yesterday at the barn. All my dogs love it there. Indy was so excited to be back.

She was having a great time, and to think I thought I needed to work on speed with her......she's really quick when she can stay on her feet!! Couldn't even keep up with her on the dogwalk to get a front cross in at the end, I can live with a problem like that. Luckily I can leave her on the dog walk, and go wherever I need to. She really hasn't had all that much training, she's such a good, FUN girl!

Abby did great too, even finished all the weave poles, a big accomplishment for her, she lacks the patience to stay in them to the end!

Poor Kittie, didn't get a turn last night. Since this is short session and we still have some weekend seminars, I didn't want to have too many runs and risk over working them and Kittie got skipped. she will be running a lot this weekend though. Sorry Kittie, I'll make it up to you.

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