Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Indy update

Indy's 18 months old now, still very much a baby, but growing up more all the time. I'm so happy with her, she's such a fun girl and a great all around dog. She's always ready to play or do some training, but she's calm, quiet and snuggly at home if there's not much to do. She's far more social with other dogs than I'm used to with the pugs, but it's never distracted her in classes, so that's great! I do have a feeling there will be more papillons in my future, just a perfect breed for me! I had my concerns venturing away from pugs when I got her, but it was a great decision.

Training wise she's come a long way and of course there are some things that need some work.

* weaves and dogwalk and just great, I'm amazed at what she truly seems to understand. Both are fully independent, with nice speed

*Teeter and Aframe are good, but need a little tweaking. Teeter- she's starting to self release when it hits the ground, I went through that with Abby and let it go and that turned into fly offs pretty quick. I need to remember to really reinforce her staying on the board. She seems a little confused by a lot of lateral distance on the teeter too. A frame- I'm such an idiot, I realized we never really worked on a variety of approaches onto the frame with her, just lots of straight approaches, so she seems a little unsure and it seems if there's a discrimination and she doesn't know where she's going right away, she's not sure that she can make it. I did however do some things right, her contacts on the frame have come together beautifully, she understands her job. I have worked on all sorts of exits, pushing off the Frame, front and blind crosses, lateral distance, she does well with it all.

* Jumping she's a fairly good jumper. Not a bar knocker, that's for sure!! She does tend to jump very flat and extended, so I need to continue working on collection skills and improving my timing/deceleration.

Trick training her has been fun. I don't know why more people don't spend time working on tricks. I need to put a video of her finished tricks together.

Some tricks that are still in the works (need work)
* limping on beck leg, without any assistance
* retrieving things and putting them in a small container. she does this, but she still kind of *throws* the toys at the container/me. I'd like to see her really paying attention to what she's doing, but the current version is pretty cute!
* rolling herself up in small balnket, we've got nowhere on this one. I do have a cue though *burrito*

She's entered in just a few trials over the summer. Taking things slow, letting her mature with no real pressure put on her. Just enjoying running a baby dog. something I haven't done before. It was always a race to get to Ex, then a race to get to Ex B. she'll get there, that's for sure, so no need to rush.

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