Thursday, May 20, 2010

WCOTC trial

Went to the WCOTC trial this past weekend. Kittie ran both days and Indy & abby each ran one day. Kittie was her usual self. she's really become very easy for me to run. she has her limitations and plenty of holes in her early training, but I know her and she's very comfortable to run. She's always ready to have some fun out there and tries her best!

Indy was a total weenie! Both runs were ok, but then ruined when she got afraid of something......dogs/people outside the ring, that she noticed when she was on the table in standard and the judges hat in jumpers. this really surprised me at first and then I got to thinking, she really hasn't done much agility outside, and she does still have a certain degree of fearfulness when we're outside hiking. A barking dog in the distance panics her, and she really can't focus. Poor baby, I think it's leftover stress from when she was attacked. This stuff really can stick with them. she just wasn't 100% herself last weekend, yet she ran well overall. Teeter and dogwalk were both great! She really loves to weave too!!

Abby was Abby, fast and bordering on out of control! No Qs for her, but she put on quite the show : )

Here's video of some of Kittie's runs.


Margie said...

It looks like she was having a blast! Nice job both of you. :-)

westoverpugs said...

Kittie's a big fan of not having to worry about actually clearing a jump.....although she can and does knock 4" jumps. She doesn't care anymore, so neither do I : )