Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Even more on dogwalk training!

I think i'm making some progress on really seeing what's happening on the dogwalk, and rewarding what I really want. I still need work, it's getting there.....I need to not be so afraid to mark mistakes, after all, how is she going to know what is correct?! Still waiting for my hit it board to arrive. the plan for now is to place the hit it board in what I consider to be the ideal place for her to hit and really jackpot those, give a quick reward/keep running for the ok ones and verbal mark and re do the one with striding I don't want.

Daisy Peel is teaching in VA at the end of the month, and I'm debating going down for her contact training seminars, both running and stopped. I should go, it's just I've been so disappointed by most seminars and it's about a 4 hour drive, which is a lot to do on your own (for me anyway), if I go with someone else I have to sign up for the whole weekend and there are no working spots left for the masters handling and this would mean the dogs would have to sit around in the car all day, I really don't want to do that to them, especially when in late October, when we could be doing some great hiking. I'd love to get her feedback for Indy's dogwalk, but I fear she's just going to tell me what I already know. There are no magic wands to fix things.


Margie said...

I looking forward to your experence with the hit it board. I'm having the same issues as you are and have considered that as a training option.

westoverpugs said...

I'll be sure to write about it, if it ever gets here. After all most of my posts lately are about contacts anyway!

I have some close up video of her dogwalks. It shows what seems to be the most natural/comfortable for her, which is not what I want and the ways she seems to be trying to meet criteria.