Thursday, October 21, 2010

hit it board

I finally got the hit it board, it was sitting on my neighbors porch for over a week, and it's getting sent back.

It's sensitive enough for the pugs, but Indy can sit on the board and unless she's right in the center it doesn't beep....I tried it out on the dogwalk and I saw her hit it and it didn't register at all. She's a tiny little thing, and I can't imagine there's much force coming form her little paws. The manufacturer can make adjustments, but I doubt it will be enough for it work consistently well for the little peanut pup. Also, my dogwalk doesn't have slats, so it really sticks out to her, and I think she sees it more like a stride regulator....something to jump over! Sure I could train her to step on it, but I'm not looking (at this time) to train a foot target.

I'm trying to do as much dogwalk training as I can right now when I have another set of eyes....although even then it's hard to see.

I do want to mention Clean run has great customer service. No questions asked about returns.

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