Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Bill's dad died this past sunday. Death is so hard to deal with, even when the person is older, has health issues and you were prepared that it could happen in the near future. It's an intense experience, that brings back past experiences when loved ones passed.

Bill seems to be hanging in there, handling things quite well. He had a conversation with his dad over Thanksgiving and apparently his dad told him he was "fine with dying, had no fear of it and had done everything he wanted to do" Everyone should feel so at peace late in life!

We truly have some of the best friends, our dogs were well cared for in a moments notice and we came home to great food prepared for us.

The whole thing really threw Indy for a loop, she's never spent a night away from me...heck she's barely spent more than a few hours at a time away from me, and she's been somewhat weird (hanging out with Rudy??, giving me pissed off dirty looks from a distance and pitching a fit and dashing out into the yard and refusing to come back in every time I try to leave the house.) Makes me wonder how dogs cope with being dropped off a kennel?! She'll rebound I'm sure. The pugs didn't care one bit, they love their aunt Danielle.

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