Monday, February 14, 2011

Tamarack Lake trial

We headed back to edinboro for another agility trial. it was just starting to snow a little at my house at 6:30am when were heading out, there wasn't snow in the forecast, so off we went....and the snow just kept coming. We did alright, my car really is great in the snow, past one accident, but we just kept slowly making our way on what should have been a one hour and forty five minute drive. We got there safely, but it took two and half hours and I missed the walk though. The course wasn't very hard, and it was pretty easy to follow just from watching it a few times, I had just enough time to grab Indy, take her on a quick walk and get in the ring. It wasn't the prettiest run, but not bad considering.

Indy ran really nicely all weekend, every run she scored fault away from qualifying, and you guessed it, that one fault would be the weaves! She does them perfectly one the second try. I do have some solid ideas about what's going on, and of course, it's mostly me. I need to decelerate just a bit before she gets to the weaves.....slowing down has never been my strong point. If a course requires you to run as fast as you can, I can do that, but slow down?! I actually think I slow down, but I was told it sure didn't look like it. Me and my dogs are alike in that way...running is more fun that slowing down.

Other than the weaves (and her weaves on the second try are beautiful) I couldn't be more pleased. There is one good thing to routinely get very brave to try all sorts of things, like adding lots of distance from contacts! so, I'm now quite confident in Indy's abilities with all sorts of things that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise. I've never been so happy after NQing either...she's just so much fun and doing so well.

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