Friday, February 25, 2011


Poor Indy, she crashed into the weave poles! It was her first run on wed. night practice, she was weaving along when all of sudden she crashed her chest straight into the poles. I don't even really know what happened. She could have slipped or her striding may have been off, the day before she practiced the weaves at home on my 21" spaced poles, we haven't used them since Sept. because I really felt like switching back and forth between 21" & 24" wasn't good for her and I think I may have been right. She seemed funny and off the rest of the night, she's a sensitive little girl, I don't think she really hurt herself though since she was back to playing the next day. She wouldn't go near the weaves afterward at class, so I'm hoping she doesn't have any issues at the trial this weekend.


Margie said...

I don't like switching back and forth either. I can't wait until everyone has to use only 24 inch poles. In other news, I have a new puppy! You went small, I went big. :-) I have a black lab. :-)

westoverpugs said...

I really like labs, they have such enthusiasm and great attitudes! Congrats!!