Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good but not great

Indy knows she's amazing....and adorable!

I've been thinking a lot lately. Indy's a very good agility dog, I think I'm a good handler.......but I really feel we have the potential to be great. i'm just not content with good. Right now, we have good speed, but could be faster. So so turns, definitely could be tighter. nice weaves, but they could be better etc etc...

I feel like we've just been coasting along, just getting through courses, rather than really handling them. Our training has been sporadic, and often it's either rushed and too short or too much at one time, like an agility cram session. Part of the problem is where we're training these days is so ridiculously far. It's a wonderful facility, but it takes over an hour each way, and it's tough to get in the car drive over an hour (with traffic the whole way) to train for really just a few minutes and then get back in the car and drive another hour home, and end up exhausted the next day because we get home so late. So, we've just been coasting along without a lot of practice. Really it's pretty amazing we're doing this well. Indy's not an experienced agility dog, she's only 2 and very green in many ways and while similar to the pugs, she's very different. I looked back at Kittie's records from her first year in Ex B and it's amazing how much farther Indy is already in terms of speed and consistency, but I know we can do better.

I need to spend time really perfecting specific obstacle skills; improving her confidence on the teeter, rewarding the fastest weaves, spend more time teaching her it's okay to drive ahead and really work on my handling; making sure she always knows where she's going as soon as possible. Making sure to take enough time to play with her on course and keep it a big game.

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