Friday, June 3, 2011

New harnesses

I just put an order in for a new agility harness for Indy. A power harness in Kiwi green, with a custom label with her name....Bill suggested getting a label that says "Fierce" and I just might in the future! She is a pretty fierce girl! She hates being grabbed at, especially after she runs, so getting most harnesses on was too much, but this looks pretty easy, or I'll have to get her one of those leashes that clips to the harness, but can be used as a slip lead just to get her out of the ring, you can never have too many leads!

Ordered willy and Rudy some regular harnesses from sitstay, and Kittie and Abby have fleece walkeez harnesses that I love.

I never really went for the whole harness thing, probably in part because it's so rammed down your throat that pugs "have to be" walked on harnesses, that their tracheas will collapse, or a collar will come right off over their chubby necks and they'll run off and die. I never had those issues, if my dogs were suddenly loose, they'd keep walking with me anyway, and they all have necks......but I really do think harnesses are more comfortable for them and safer for their necks and backs overall, plus I let them be as obnoxious and bad as they want to be getting the to the ring at trials, and I'd rather Indy didn't put pressure on her throat like that.

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Mandy said...

The harnesses being shoved down your throat i totally get. Izzie has a neck and doesn't NORMALLY slip collars (and i keep her collars loose)so she doesn't even have a harness anymore, besides she'd just walk with me too. Since she's going to be doing some therapy work with a friend of mine with me not present though, she'll need a harness for that and i'm getting her a good comfortable one since the other ones just don't fit her right.

Basically the only time i have her in a "harness" is if she's with someone else and I'm not present, if we're rollerblading (because she's pulling) and if we're hiking and she has her backpack on (but she'd also have her collar on and no leash is attached anywhere lol).

I'm ordering a fleece martingale agility lead closer to our first trial in August. Our rules up here aren't as strict as AKC with the dog leaving the ring after a run without a leash on being a disqualification.