Friday, August 22, 2008

Not intentionally holding out

Really, I'm not trying to hold out on the new breed that's going to be joining us one day, not trying to create suspense, like Barack Obama's been doing lately with the anouncement of his vp candidate, really I'm not.

It feels funny to be thinking of any other breed than pugs, like I'm cheating on the little muffin heads when I go on youtube and watch silly _____ videos.

It doesn't help that I'm planning to bring home a *very* traditional agility breed, and no it's not a sheltie. Like I'm saying the pugs aren't good enough. My pugs are great little agility dogs, I've learned so much from them and continue to learn new things all the time. I've been forced to become a better trainer, to educate myself on jumping, motivation, stress issues. Despite the fact that there is only one MACH pug to date, I still believe any pug that's conditioned properly, and has a good owner/handler with the right attitude and consistency can earn a MACH, ADCH, CATCH, NATCH or any other agility CH titles I'm forgetting : )

Here goes, I've decided to get a papillon, a butterfly, also known as a "squirrel Spaniel" (that last one really cracks me up). I've been stalking them at trials lately, researching like crazy and I think this is a really good choice for us. The pugs seem to like the ones we've met too.


Margie said...

I LOVE papillions! I'm pretty sure that I mentioned that to you when we chatted about it. There is several excellent paps in my area and one of my better agility friends runs one - a very dependable ExB dog. :-) I've actually been looking at the very dark side of Jack Russells lately. What am I thinking??

westoverpugs said...

I thought about JRTs for a while, I've seen some great ones, they're so funny and my crew seem to really like any that we run into in the park, but......I'm always hearing how dog aggressive they can be. I just don't want any chaos around here, as a breeder I talked to about paps said, "they're just good all around dogs".

Margie said...

It's funny how once you put a breed in your head, you start to notice a ton of them. At the trial this weekend there were a ton of paps and JRTs. Clancy just finished his last run of Sunday when the JRT next in line bolted out into the ring and then came back and went after the dogs waiting in the line. :-( I just love them but what are the chances that you actually get one of the really nice ones? Talk about doing your homework. It will most likely prove to much for me! LOL!