Monday, August 11, 2008

This isn't pretty

Had a long, terrible weekend and I woke up to a poop covered pug and crate.......

Went to Cleveland for two days, Kittie ran really well on Saturday, but both she and Abby had bad calls on their dogwalks. I was slightly ahead of both dogs as they came down the ramp, and I turned into them slightly, just like I always do, I saw a foot hit the yellow and I took off, just like I do in every run. The judge's (Blair Kelly) arms went up and we were done. Qd in JWW on a really different style course. The beginning was very demotivating for a lot of dogs, but it didn't seem to phase my girls.

Sunday, Abby had an off course into a tunnel, but ran well, she was really moving this weekend. Kittie was all set to go, when all of a sudden there was some kind of hold up. So, I'm standing there with a pug who's starting to freak out and I remember the last time this happened, so I want to get her out of the ring, but my leash is gone, by the time I get my leash Kittie's totally flipping out, I get her out of the ring, but there's no time to play with her, give her a treat or anything, now the judge is ready, she's cranky and pissy because I'm not in the ring. The second jump comes down and the double as well, to top it off she seems stressed and worried probably from waiting around, being yanked out of the ring and then immediately brought back in.

What was the hold up for? There was no second bar on the double for half the 8" dogs, no one noticed, until the person ahead of me told the judge after she ran, then they had to inspect the entire course, and who knows what else!

I know this is just so negative, but I left after that. The jumpers course wasn't pretty and I just was not in the mood.

Kittie got sick over night and I had a huge mess to deal with this morning. What a way to start the week.


Margie said...

What a rotten weekend. I'm so sorry Kittie got a bad call. That just sucks when it happens and at such an important time for you. I hope she feels better!

Jamie said...


I am so sorry! Please give Kittie a hug from me....I am sure next weekend will be better.