Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Days

Two days is apparently how long it takes my pack to turn into complete lunatics if they dont get to run. We skipped our usual run/swim in the park on Friday and I foolishly attempted to spend my Saturday like normal non-dog people do....getting the oil changed in my car, eating out at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants and doing some shoe shopping.

Clearly a bad idea. My dogs have lost their minds! It's been non-stop "blender head" (when they roll around, biting each others faces...mine like to flail their little muffin heads back and forth so fast you can barely make out their faces), barking, barking, barking, living room obstacle course: Run full speed in to the room, up on to the club chair, onto the floor, quick lap around the room, take the straight line to the sofa, who cares if the coffee table is in the way, you just use it to launch yourself up to the sofa and then the big air competition off the sofa arm.......woohoo, yahoo!! and some more barking.

We're going on a long, long walk today!

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