Friday, December 5, 2008

AKC Agility Nationals

What a great email to read!! Especially after the results we've been having lately.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have qualified for AKC’s National Agility Championship in 2009.

National Agility Championship home web page:

The premium list for AKC’s 13th National Agility Championship and International State Team Tournament has become available online. To obtain a copy, go to the web page listed above, then select “Premium List” from the navigation menu to the left.

I need to decide in the upcoming weeks if we're going to go this year. I'm skipping the invitational that's held next weekend, so maybe this will be my year to go to nationals. We're certainly not going to win, or likely even make the finals, but it would be nice to go once. Kittie's going to be 7 in just a couple of weeks. She's certainly not old, but she's old enough that I don't know how much longer she'll be seriously competing and who knows where nationals will be held in 2010. It's in N. Carolina (just like this years pdca nationals), so it's very do able drive.


Margie said...

WOO HOO! Way to go. :-)

The Pug Boys said...

Congratulations! What an honor. You and your pugs are great ambassadors for our breed. I want to encourage you to attend the AKC Nationals. No one knows when our last day on earth will be or what status our health will be including our pets. Seize the moment. Go. Enjoy!

Jamie said...

Congratulations! I cannot wait to hear about your experiences at nationals! The pugs and I are taking a break from training. I am not sure for how long, but we're just hiking and being lazy and it has been a blast.

westoverpugs said...

Thanks everyone. It's pretty likely we will go : ) I think it's something you should do if given the chance at least once, right?!

Jamie, Some lazy time is good! We've been kinda lazy around here too lately.