Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Favorite Things

Oprah has her favorite things show every year. This is our favorite things, just like Oprah.....except it's mostly dog related....and no will be going home with thousands of dollars worth of loot.

Stella and Chewy's Carnivore Crunch. This is one of my favorite treats to use at trials before the pugs go in the ring, especially when we're traveling and I don't want to bring a lot of things that need to be refrigerated. There's no grains and they break up really, really tiny.

The "Tug it" toy. This has been my secret weapon lately with Kittie. she's the type of dog that if you have her out ringside for too long, she starts to just wilt away, this toy has been great for her, she loves to tug, but never would play ringside, just toss a chicken wing in this and she's a tugging maniac, oblivious to how long she's waiting to get in the ring or to any of the commotion going on around her.

Horse Blanket Style Dog Coats I have a thing for well made coats, that actually fit dogs and are functional, not just cute (you won't ever catch my crew wearing party dresses or badly fitting sweaters, nope, no way) unless of course it's for a contest and we can win a prize or something.Like these: Most came from but Kittie had to have pink, so hers came from also has some nice coats. The pack may be getting some lighter weight fleece coats from there.

My Pillow Pet Bed, from Annie's Sweatshop Nice and cozy for the Winter.

Here's something not for the dogs! North Face Fleece Pants I restisted buying these for years, fawn pugs & black fleece just don't go together, and I'm cheap, so I was waiting and waiting for these to go on sale, but they almost never do. I went ahead and got a pair earlier this year, figuring I'd wear them at home or at trials, and who isn't covered in dog hair at trials? I was suprised that their fur didn't overly cling to these pants...and who cares, I'm already the crazy pug lady. At least I'll be warm and comfy.

Just about anything made by Janis at She customs makes harnesses, collars, martingales and just about anything you can come up with, and if you're difficult like me and come up with all sorts of different ideas she'll even do that and when you don't explain yourself well and want all sorts of changes made, she'll do that too. Can't say enough good things about Janis.

Canine Massage, from Maria Duthie. Everytime I get a chance, my dogs get worked on by Maria. We're lucky enough to live in her neck of the woods. She's amazing. If you can't get to Maria in person her video is a great substitute.

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