Monday, December 1, 2008

Some turkey and some agility

After the Thanksgiving feast and bit of relaxing on Friday we went to the YABTC trial.

Kittie ran both days and dropped lots and lots of bars. She started the weekend off running nice and fast and ended it running s-l-o-w! She hates dropping bars, so she slows down, but it doesn't really help. She did get another standard Q again with a 2nd place.

It's weird I'm simultaneously thinking about moving Kittie up to 12" and down to preferred 4" The bar knocking just gets so depressing. She started off jumping at 12" and didn't seem like she knocked anywhere near as many bars then, she wasn't as fast at 12" either. Her jumping form is completely different at 12" it's very rounded, at 8" she jumps very flat. I think she likes 8" jumps better though. I may run her in class this week at 12" just to see what happens.

Abby just ran on Sunday. She did pretty well in JWW, kind of slow for her and she ran around one jump, but otherwise did well. Standard was a wild ride. This time she was moving!! Hit her contacts, stayed on the table and payed attention well, but she came out of the weaves twice, that's not really like her. I think the bar setter who was sitting close to the weaves was worrying little Abby girl. She dropped a bar somewhere in the run as well as an off course.

Both dogs got lots of turkey before and after all their runs!

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westoverpugs said...

No go on jumping Kittie at 12" I tried it on Wednesday, she told me what she thought of that idea. Crashed the first jump, turned and barked her head off at me, like what the hell?! Took the rest of the jumps correctly but felt the need to tell me off inbetween most of them. What a little snot! : )