Sunday, February 1, 2009

Indy week 2

I haven't had much time to keep up here....Indy's keeping me pretty busy and there just isn't much going on, with no trials and only the occasional agility practice.

Indy's been doing a lot though. She's all better after her vaccine issues. I realize now, she really wasn't feeling well, but by Monday night she was back in action.

We're continuing working on sit, down and stay.....stay is tough for her, but she's coming along. I started playing some shaping games with her, just clicking for almost any novel behavior. At first she really didn't understand, and would look at me like "just tell me what you want me to do!" but she's starting to get the hang of it now. She learned hand touches very easily and I'm shaping her to sit in a large food bowl and we're working on riding a skateboard too. The skateboard, aside from just being really cute and funny, gets the dogs used to things moving under their feet, which is very important for agility dogs. We're playing, playing playing ALL the time right now.

She's been coming out hiking with us and I'm amazed at how well she keeps up and handles the cold and the snow. Socialization is a big focus right now, she's met several of my dog walking clients (both dogs and owners), and she came along with us to the Strip district yesterday, which is an area of town with lots of variuous food markets and street vendors, it's pretty hectic but Indy took it in stride and came inside some businesses in her little carrier bag too.

Agility wise, we started working on a low teeter. The criteria for her teeter is to run all the way to the end, and ride it down and exit as soon as soon as I say OK. she has not one bit of fear and just charges out to the end, while I hold the teeter up and gradually lower it, she's not phased by riding it down either!

We're also working on some agility foundation skills on the flat, both front and rear crosses on the flat with no equipment and recall to heal.

The pugs are coming around. Abby as been playing with her a bit, but I swear it's just because it makes ME happy whenever she interacts with major issues with anyone at this point, I think they're coming to terms with the fact that she's here to stay

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