Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indy: Week 1

Well, Indy, the loveable demon, shark, weasel face has been with us a week......and what a week it's been!
Let's see, here's a list of what Indy's done:
*Training wise, she's a smart cookie, has sit and down solid, stay she has a good start at, She pretty much gets what drop it means, will come to her name 90% of the time. After an awkard minute or two she loves walking on leash.

*Houstraining.......I have to say she's been my biggest challenge. She can literally poop 3 times in 20 minutes....I'm good, but there's no way I can stay on top of that. I never leave my puppies unattended, but generally, if they *just went outside* you can relax a tiny bit for an hour or so. I'm guessing when she goes outside, she's not really done. She's pretty easily distracted, with her little 12 week old brain.

*She's good in her crate, but for some reason putting her in an X pen causes a major meltdown, I can't understand this one, and she does not settle down, it's mass hysteria. She has toys, chewies a comfy bed, but she can't get over the fact that she's in there!!

*Did you now Indy can run straight through our fence? Yes, it's true. Actually the pugs could when they were little too, but for the most part didn't feel the need to, Indy does! We're getting a solid fence ASAP.

*She went to the vet on Friday, and got her DHPP shot. Kittie and Abby had agility practice right after, so I brought her along, by that time it was dark out and I couldn't really see her. I carried her into the training building and her eyes were practically swollen shut and her whole muzzle was puffed up. Luckily there's a vets office right across the street, so I rushed her over there and they shot her up with steroids, allergy meds and gave her sub Q fluids. Poor baby! I was already a basket case about vaccines and I'm now I'm even worse, and she still needs another round of puppy shots and a rabies shot. I don't even know what to do, obviously she'll be pre-medicated and watched very closely, but I'm afraid to give her more shots. Thankfully the reaction calmed down almost immediately and after wating to make sure she was going to be alright, we headed back over for the last hour of practice..........

*Where Indy got to watch agility for the first time. She was completely messmerized watching! I've never seen a puppy so young completely obsessed. She was in her little wire crate, leaning to see around people. this was a nice class for her to be at, a lot of friendly, FAST dogs. She made friends with Risk, the aussie and met Nova the pap and a few BCs too. She was supposed to be tired from the meds, not so much, she was having a ball!!

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Margie said...

I would have been a wreck - lucky there was a vet close.