Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abby & Indy "get packed"

I try to free-shape different behaviors and simple little tricks on a regular basis. This is their latest trick. It took Abby about 3 minutes to figure out, and Indy about 5, only because she was complicating the whole thing by offering everything we've been working on lately. She tried to back up into the suitcase, side step into it, get in and play bow, very cute and very hard to not reward!


Margie said...

now that is cute :-) I love your two babies!

The Pug Boys said...

Very Cute! I just had to get my boyfriend to watch the vid. Being surrounded by pugs, does Indy think she's a pug? She's the only pap I know that goes on fabulous hikes. She's blessed to have you for a mommy.

westoverpugs said...

When Indy was really young and we would go to "teacup social hour" she would gravitate to all the other "squishy faced" dogs : ) especially pugs, but she has several pap friends as well as lots of big dog friends, that she just adores and they play a lot more than the pugs do! So I think, she knows she's a pap.

It's really funny, I catch her just gazing at herself in the mirror a lot. She can be a total tomboy in ways, but she's a real princess at times too.