Monday, June 22, 2009

Linn Run State Forest

We drove *2 hours* yesterday to go hiking somewhere new, Bill had been mountain biking at Linn Run before, he thought it was about 45 minutes....he was a just a little off! Oh well, it was a pretty drive at least.

Indy, the little white blur/forest creature. She looks so out of place, yet perfectly at home on the trails.

Some pretty Waterfalls

The one and only Kittie
Looking more and more grey these days, but not slowing down one bit!

Indy & Rudy

Willy, Indy, Abby & Kittie

Abby girl


Margie said...

beautiful and I mean just not the pugs! How is Rudy doing these days?

westoverpugs said...

Rudy is completely insane these days, it's like she's 5 yrs old.....She was a serious handful at 5. So, she's doing well, but she's aging us!! : )