Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confession Time

I can't pick up Indy................

Every once in a while, I can, or if she figures out I'm playing a game where I pick her up, give her a cookie and put her back down, she'll play along (most of the time). It's not that she won't come, her recall is great, just don't pick her up when she'd rather be doing something else, or she'll get all miffed. Part of the issue is she really, really wants me to play with chase with her, I have never chased her, ever! But, she so desparately wants to play this game she takes most attempts to pick her up as a good time to try to start a nice game of catch the pap......She's done this for a while, but I always figured it would pass on it's own, like most puppy phases, but this has really stuck around, so we'll probably be spending many of her meals with me picking her up, feeding her a few bites, putting her down, picking her up, feeding her etc. I'll be keeping my pockets stuffed with treats to randomly pick her up and feed her too.
She keeps me on my toes!


The Pug Boys said...

We missed the agility trail. My mom was having breathing problems. She has asthma and COPD. Maybe I'll get to see your guys run another time.

I did make it to Boyce Park. I got lost and we got there about 8:30 P.M. My mom sat in the car because of her asthma. I walked with the pugs about 15 minutes. I felt uncomfortable when I saw two cars drive by with a single man in them. It was getting dark out. So I left.

Most dogs love to be chased. Picking her up and feeding her dinner makes good sense. Sounds like it is a good strategy to solve the problem. You're very clever.

westoverpugs said...

Oh, that's too bad! What part of the park did you go to?

Maybe if you're in the area again (and not too busy) we could meet up at a local park. Boyce is huge, we've been going for years and still learning our way around and finding new trails.

Sorry to hear your mom is having trouble. I have asthma too, but luckily it rarely gives me trouble.