Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All things electronic and mechanical are out to get me

Let's see, in the past week

My work car

Have all brushed very close to death, the car was ultimately saved, the computer will be going into retirement mode, printer will be replaced and I'm hoping once the computer is replaced the camcorders issues will be sorted out. (Video is loading choppy, and freezing up!).

Now to decide, PC or MAC? I don't know anyone with a MAC that doesn't love it, but PCs are so cheap in comparision. Decisions, decisions

I have some cute video clips of Indy I wanted to share, of her backwards circles around my legs (cute!), her future David Lettermand stupid pet trick, blowing bubbles with her nose into a bowl of water, and her almost fully closed weave poles, not bad for 9 months old!! The videos play on the camera, but won't upload correctly.

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The Pug Boys said...

My vote is for Mac. They last a long time. Viruses don't attack them. They are definitely expensive.

Can't wait to see the vids of Indy.