Monday, August 3, 2009

Broken, chipped & Fractured teeth!!!

Abby's sad just thinking about it.

My gang generally have pretty clean teeth, for pugs (who are not known for their great teeth), but several have had teeth just break off at the gumline, and now Abby has what appears to be a fractured tooth. She's going in to the vet to have it checked out tomorrow.

What I'm wondering is WHY are their teeth just crumbling? They do spend a lot of time chewing, mostly on raw marrow bones. I like them because their is no chance of choking, but cracked teeth aren't a good trade off.


Margie said...

Poor Abby! Ouch! Let me know how it turns out.

I spent the last couple of days at an agility seminar and got a lot of the - "wow, that is some pug you've got there" comments. Along with the "I love the noises they make" :-) It never changes.

The Pug Boys said...

That must be painful. Traumeel will help her feel better. She has such a sweet face.

My guys love to chew. They chomp on nylabones. I haven't had any broken, chipped or fractured teeth yet. I've heard someone say that it could happen with nylabones. That nylabones are hard.

westoverpugs said...

We went to the vet yesterday, and I know very little more than I did before going.

Her tooth is fractured, the pulp of the tooth may or may not be exposed (likely not) and that pretty much determines what to do. If the pulp isn't exposed, she can just have the fratured part removed and do a quick cleaning since she'll be mildly sedated anyway, but if the pulp is exposed she really needs to whole tooth removed, which requires being fully under anesthesia.

I opted to just do the grade 1 dental with just mild sedation....hoping they don't go in and find that the tooth needs to come out. I hate putting them under anesthesia, so if I can avoid I will.

Abby doesn't seem like she's in any pain at all......but this is the same dog who scratched her eye and tried to act like nothing happened, even at the vets as they were shining bright light in her eye. She either has an insane tolerance for pain, or an amazing ability to hide it.

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