Friday, August 21, 2009

Night at the ballet

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre holds an outdoor performance at Hartwood acres every August, we missed it the past few years, but it was held on Thurs. this year, so we rushed out after work.

The really fun thing about this is dogs can come too, so We brought Rudy and Indy. The differences between a 10 yr old and an almost 10 month old are huge. Rudy just wanted to be left alone pretty much, and honestly wasn't acting like herself, she told off just about every dog there, but she's not very loud, so if you're not watching her shake her head every which way, you could easily miss it. Rudy typically doesn't bother with other dogs much, unles they something with her, then look out!! Indy was her flirty, silly self. Making doe eyes at a big dog sitting near us, playing with kids, even if she did try to steal their frisbee! She actually watched the perfomance for a few minutes and neither dog made a peep.

Unfortunately it got rained out, so it was a short night, but really good socialization for Indy.


The Pug Boys said...

Sounds like Indy has really bounced back from that scary episode with the strange out of control dog at the park.

westoverpugs said...

I wish I could say she's bounced back 100% This whole ordeal really has been a perfect example of the fact that dogs don't generalize well, in this case....a very good thing!

At agility trials, classes, out and about in general she's good, no problems at all, unless a dog moves too quickly toward her, but in the park where it happened, she's a mess. Whining, crying just wants to be picked up if she sees a dog, even quite a distance away.