Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you see the pain?

That's one of Abby's special no one but Abby can touch toys in Indy's mouth. It's piggy...second only to cow-cow. These are toys that only come out for agility and special occasions because they make Abby lose her mind.

A look of pure horror on abby's face

Which gives way to a look of utter disgust.

Indy pretty much always gets her way with the pugs, but not this time. Abby won. all is right in her world again

Just a quick note about the photos. Not well composed or anything, still just playing and learning at this point, but these were taken in manual, inside my house with pretty poor lighting, so I'm very happy. I've alway had trouble getting pictures of Indy; Miss perpetual motion, especially with poor lighting. I was worried I'd never venture from automatic mode, but I dare I say, shooting in manual actually seems pretty easy.

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