Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good bye Thanksgiving * Hello Christmas

It was another great year for watching pugs camp out in front of the oven all day, Willy didn't even attempt to break in and steal the turkey this year, so all was good.

We did the unthinkable this year and bought our Christmas tree the day before thanksgiving, there just wasn't going to be time, and refuse to get a tree late in the season, what's the point? So, we had the "turkey tree", just lights with a wooden carved turkey on the top. The turkey's coming down today and the real decorating starts.

Indy and I went to a trial on black friday. Just so much fun running the baby. She's really getting into it now, she's pulling to get to the ring, she shakes in anticipation to run. No Qs, I made a poor choice (would have worked with the pugs) in jumpers and Indy hopped off the teeter....I am going to have to do some work getting her on more teeters. I'm thrilled though. The comments I hear about her at every trial are "she's a speedy little thing" and "she's so happy" and to me these are the best compliments ever to receive about a new baby dog just starting. The finer points will all come in time.

I did get one comment that bugged me....."oh you switched breeds? You wanted an agility dog"....well yes, I did decide to get a breed other than another pug, partially so I'd have a dog better suited to agility. I also wanted a dog suited to us in general. We're really active people and I wanted a dog who could keep up, but I only wanted to consider smaller dogs and I didn't think a terrier would be a good fit. Pap's personalities really appealed to me. Yes, I was curious to see what working with a more traditional breed would be like. What bothered me was the implication that the pugs aren't "agility dogs". I always just comment back that the "pugs have to work three times as hard". They have a lot working against them, but most pugs have such love and character that they do it anyway. No, they're not going to be able to beat the more traditional breeds, but they absolutely can be just as much of an agility dog.

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