Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Willy


I can't believe you're already 7. It seems like just yesterday that we picked you up from your breeder. You were so small, and had the best puppy breath ever!

I know you're not quite as adventurous as the girls can be, and sometimes you get afraid of all the big dogs at trials, but you're a good sport and sometimes you even follow your sisters in the water and (gasp) get those cute feet of yours wet! We love you, even though agility and running in the mud isn't your thing....we love that big smiley head of yours, love the way you run like a wild man on beautiful, warm sunny days, love the way you always take Kittie's back when Rudy picks on her, love the way you snuggle up with the girls, love the way you dance around when *anyone* comes to the house. Looking forwad to many more years with you!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Willy!!

Margie said...

Happy Birthday Willy! I hope you got lots of kisses on that "big oh smelly head" of yours. :-)