Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Toledo

Sorry, I just had to say it! Went to the Greater Toledo obedience training club's trial last weekend. We had a great time! Met up with Margie and her great young pug, Clancy. There were a total of six pugs running and a baby 15 month old pug who's about to start her agility career.

Kittie ran better than I expected her to, away from home and indoors aren't really her thing, but she Qd in 3 out of 4 runs and got double Q #13! Way to go Kittie. She wasn't running full out, but with one exception she's running so precise that her times are really nice. She knocked two bars this weekend, at least they were both in one run. It was two jumps in a row, in a straight line. I wasn't too far ahead, or pulling up so I think she just took off early and there wasn't much that could have been done. She'll probably always knock bars to some extent, but I feel like I at least understand it better and can help her out in some situations.

Kittie's standard run, I think was a 3rd place

Abby did well too, still dealing with lots of baby dog issues and poor timing on my part, but I'm still really pleased with how she's doing. I have total confidence she'll get there in time. Unlike Kittie, Abby does run full out, but she's not precise at all, so even though when watching it looks like Abby's running so much faster, Kittie ends up with better times. If I could just combine the two of them.....

Abby's standard run, a nice run except she forgot the first jump! and then ran right past the A frame. I admit, I probably didn't cue the A frame much...I'm just not used to needing to specifially tell a dog to take the giant blue and yellow thing right in your path...this is what I mean by "baby dog stuff"

Margie and Clancy are going to be a great team. Clancy is so fast and so happy! Watch out for these two!

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