Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where's Bill?

So, for years Bill was the perfect agility husband. Bill came to every single trial. He ran his dogs, Rudy and Willy. Helped me out with my high maintenance girls, holding screaming pugs ringside. It was like a well oiled machine.

On second thought, Maybe not exactly well oiled, Bill did often forget to walk his own courses, he forot to walk his dogs too, sometimes he had no treats for them after runs either, other times he would leave me with Rudy while he went to get a sandwich and forgot to come back and meanwhile my walk through had started.....maybe it was really like a machine in very bad need of a tune up.

Bill still comes to a lot of trials. He sort of tapes our runs, sometimes both me and the dogs are on tape at the same time! He does enjoy it, just not all the time and I don't blame him, us agility people are a special group! So what does Bill do with all his free time now?

Take a look

He just bought his very own soapbox car. My only condition is he come home in one piece and does not get arrested. We'll see......

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