Thursday, May 15, 2008

World team tryout courses

We had class at the barn last night and Donna set up two courses from world team tryouts, the round 2 large/med. JWW and round 2 small dog JWW. They were really fun! A nice combination of technical spots, but with plenty of areas where you really got to run.

I ran Abby first, she's so funny, she got all the hard stuff but I had the worst time getting her to take....or even see this one jump. We did figure out what was going on though. When she was taking the jump before the one she had trouble with, she was making her calculations to go *straight*, we had to veer to the right and with her bigger stride and commitment point she just couldn't get that jump. Once I got a bit further ahead and turned my hips a bit to the right she was just fine. I love when we can figure these things out!

Next was Kittie, she ran really well. The jump Abby had trouble with wasn't a problem at all for her, she has a shorter stride and can change her line much, much quicker. she had an awful crash at the last jump though, a double. It was pretty much a straight line and typical of her she took off way too early and practically landed on top of the jump. Poor thing, she tries so hard but I just don't think she can properly see to judge the best time to take off.

It's a problem we've been dealing for a while. I have a better understanding of why she does this, and how to help her out, but there's only so much I can do. I have to wait for her to land before turning, which technically is late, but it's helping to keep bars up and can't push for too much speed on straight lines....which is really hard for me, I'm a spaz and I love to run with my dogs, so the idea of occasionally slowing down isn't easy for me!

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Margie said...

I requested that SmartFlix purchase Foundation Jumping Set DVDs by Susan Salo and they are taking holds for it now. It probably won't help you very much because you have a handle on your jumping. But I havne't paid much mind to jumping but now that we are kissing excellent, I know I need to. I purchased Linda Mecklemburg's compellation book as I didn't have any of those issues of clean run. I like her system and it's the one that my teacher also follows. Have you checked out her new website yet? - I so want to go to one of her seminars in Ohio - I'm thinking next year for sure.