Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here's video of Kittie's would be mach run, hear how quiet it is, do you hear the groan of everyone watching? It's hard to see, but she starts stutter stepping after dropping bars.


Margie said...

wow, you can really see the change in her stride. Do you have any outdoor trials coming up? Maybe she won't be able to hear crowd noise as well. I'm sure the groan doesn't do her confidence any good. That is something that I need to work on - when I make a mistake I always make some sort of negitive sound and Clancy always looks back to see. That can't help his confidence at all either.

westoverpugs said...

Labor day weekend we have a 3 day outdoor trial. Our next trial is Aug 9-10.

To me, it really depends on the type of mistake made and the dog if it's helpful or harmful, Abby's a bit tougher skinned than Kittie and I know she knows how to weave, so as long I know I didn't mess her up, a quick "oops" to mark popping out is okay for her, also for knocked bars oops is okay for Abby, but if I over rotate a front cross, and cause her to miss a jump, I need to keep my mouth shut...good dog and just keep going! Kittie is too sensitive for any verbal correction of any kind. I swear she's the worlds most sensitve dog. I'm going to have a talk with people, to get them to keep quiet if bars come down! : )