Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bill's New Problem

All this Summer while the pugs and I have been at trials or agility classes Bill has been on his mountain bike.....biking, biking, biking and some more biking. He just started taking races more seriously and it seems to be paying off, he got 4th place two weeks ago. Bill also found a new style of riding/racing he's in love with "cyclo-cross" He went to his first practice last Wednesday night and then entered a race that Sunday and what you know he took 6th place overall his first time out!!

It's like a combination of road riding, moutain biking and running. There are barriers set up that you have to jump off your bike and run over (while carrying your bike). There's a video below that shows it much better than I can explain. It makes perfect sense this would be a good fit for him, Bill was a very competitive distance runner for several years. Before I got into conformation (pre-agility) we spent most weekends at road racing or cross country events. Cyclo-cross combines cycling and some running, perfect...if you're Bill! He's scoping out races like I search for agility trials!!


Jamie said...

Jason loves cyclocross and cycling, in general. He trains for triathlons. Did your husband get a cyclocross bike or does he race on his mtn bike?

westoverpugs said...

Bill got his first cyclocross bike a few weeks ago, a Redline....something or other.

Margie said...

Bill is one crazy guy! :-)