Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Why are dogs so gross? The pugs, their friend's Luca, JB and I were walking on a trail along the creek and I see them all gathered around something along the brush. Rudy's got that look like she's getting ready to roll in it, so I call them to come. Abby's the first to come to running, but what's that dangling from her mouth???? A *huge* dead snake! Yuck! I swear she learned this from JB, he pulled this same stunt a few years ago. Luckily 1) it was dead 2) it was Abby who picked it up, she'll drop anything the moment you ask her to, which this was no exception...she had to pee on it afterwards mark it as HER snake? Does she plan on going back to get it later?

JB still ended up rolling all over the dead, pissed on snake.

Dogs are gross.

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