Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not a lot going on

Things have been fairly quiet around here, no trials since The Wine Country Circuit in the Finger Lakes last month. Summer agility classes are winding down......(with no idea what we're doing about training over the Winter).

As it's getting cooler I've been thinking more and more about finishing up all the half done projects around the house. We did a lot of work on our kitchen when we moved here, but things like awful lighting fixtures and the broken dishwasher need to be taken care of soon! Along with our *orange* front door (I can barely see the pumpkins, they blend in!).


Jamie said...

You could always do obedience work this winter. :0) Seriously, though, what do you guys do over the winter? Are there indoor arenas?

westoverpugs said...

You know, I've seriously thought about giving obedience a shot. I play around with some things just for fun and the pugs love it.

Normally we take classes indoors over the winter, but there was a falling out among some people and my usual agility instructor won't be there. I may take some classes at the club I started out with, just to get them on equipment. We do "snow agility" all winter oing in the back yard!

Margie said...

Tracking is also good in the fall and early winter - you can start to go for a companion dog title. There are currently no level 3 or 4 pugs. :-)

Margie said...

duh, not companion dog but Versatile Companion Dog.

Versatile Companion Dog 1 (VCD1) - CD, NA, NAJ, TD or CD, NAP, NJP, TD

Versatile Companion Dog 2 (VCD2) - CDX, OA, OAJ, TD or CDX, OAP, OJP, TD

Versatile Companion Dog 3 (VCD3) - UD, AX, AXJ, TDX or UD, AXP, AJP, TDX

Versatile Companion Dog 4 (VCD4) - UDX, MX, MXJ, VST or UDX, MXP, MJP, VST

and of course I don't think there is ANY VCCH dog yet. You need a OTCH, MACH and CT for that one.

westoverpugs said...

"and of course I don't think there is ANY VCCH dog yet. You need a OTCH, MACH and CT for that one."

That's all, well heck I'll plan for it for next summer : ) Kidding!! I'd first have to convince *myself* that obedience is something worth spending the time and money on...and find an instructor who wasn't so forceful with the dogs.